Children of the world

“Enfants du Monde” is a humanitarian association, founded in 1968 and based in Geneva, which has worked for more than 50 years for the education and health of underprivileged children, mothers and pregnant women. 

The association assists some of the poorest countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean to provide access to quality education and maternal and child health care to the poorest. Our Swiss NGO also contributes to the respect and implementation of children’s rights throughout the world with a view to sustainable development. 

Each year, our Swiss NGO Enfants du Monde helps more than 1,771,200 children, pregnant women, mothers and babies in some of the poorest countries in the world * such as for example Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Niger, Chad. , or Haiti. These are vulnerable populations who live in extremely precarious conditions, often in rural areas. 

Our NGO’s mission is to help and protect them in a sustainable way. Convinced that the economic development of a country cannot be achieved without quality education and a healthy population, our humanitarian association supports local and regional projects that facilitate this access to underprivileged children and mothers.

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Erminea is an association based in Swiss.

Erminea was born out of the sincere dedication of animal advocates. The first project of Laélia Maumary, president and founder, was born under the name “Association des ferrets de Suisse”, created in 2007. The conviction that all animals are endowed with sensitivity has led Laélia Maumary to struggle, since her childhood, for their rights.

The first association she created was tasked with recovering and relocating abandoned ferrets.

Over the years, people confused the species and brought together different mustelids (martens, weasels, stoats, etc.). The association then broadened its knowledge of wildlife care in order to provide assistance to the various animals that required care.

In order to meet the growing demand, the Swiss Ferret Association has become Erminea. It is wild animals – for which finding funds for care is often a barrier – that the center now mainly offers its services.

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The REPR Foundation supports the families, relatives and children of people detained in French-speaking Switzerland. It is made up of around ten professionals and around sixty volunteers.

Our Foundation is divided into three programs:

Info Families

Information and listening by phone, email, on social networks and in the offices of the association.

Focus Children

One of the main objectives of the REPR Foundation is to support children in their relationship with their detained parents. This relationship can sometimes be complicated or difficult to accept, which is why we have set up a support program in the form of interviews at our premises or awareness campaigns.

Awareness and Training

Another objective of the REPR Foundation is to raise public awareness of the effects of detention on the relatives and families of detainees, but also of the importance of maintaining the bond between a parent in detention and their children.

We do this at conferences and training sessions, but we are also in contact with various organizations (prison, social, political, etc.) in order to inform them and make them aware of the importance of these subjects.

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