Hi !

My name is Charlotte and I'm a freelance artist based in Switzerland.
My work in inspired by nature and animals, but also the world and fantastic creatures.

You can find my work here :

My career

I’ve been drawing since I know how to hold a pencil between my little fingers (really eh! As a child, I spent my time drawing horses and mermaids …).

I have always drawn animals and nature, fairies, centaurs and other creatures straight out of my imagination.

It is in 2021 that I say to myself “Why not me?”. So I decided to start freelance, create my small business and my designs for my first products, this website you are on and presto! Let’s go for the adventure!

I never “learned” to draw or took drawing lessons. Call it a gift, a vivid imagination or just a good observation and a certain talent for measurements, it came naturally to me.

I’m super active, always on the move, I never stop!

I draw but I also do a lot of other manual activities, ranging from gardening to knitting, through jewelry creation, sewing and more. It may therefore be that one day a new page is added to kokoum.com with other types of articles.

My drawing material

As you read above, I am multitasking!

So I use a lot of different materials to draw.

My black and white drawings, used for some products, are created with my graphics tablet and Photoshop software, but I also use watercolor, acrylic ink, gray or colored pencils …




Bank transfer


  • info@kokoum.com

+41 79 740 82 43